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We are proud to offer you a top-notch variety of enery, sports nutrition, weight loss and other natural health products. With selections from NOW Foods, Enzymatic Therapy, Natural Factors, Garden of Life, Immune Tree 6 Colostrum, Barleans, SciFit, Nature's Apothecary, Naturally Vitamin, Optimum Nutrition plus many more and a thorough knowledge of holistic therapy, Mark of Health is ready to help you on your path to optimal health.

...Green Tea...
According to Chinese legend, tea was discovered accidentally by an emperor 4,000 years ago. Since then, Traditional Chinese Medicine has recommended green tea for headaches, body aches and pains, digestion, depression, immune enhancement, detoxification, as an energizer, and to prolong life.

Anxiety describes any feeling of worry or dread, usually about potential events that might happen. It is important for people who are anxious to seek expert medical care. Natural therapies can be one part of the approach to helping relieve mild to moderate anxiety.
---St. John's Wort---
In ancient Greece, St. John’s wort was used to treat many ailments, including sciatica and poisonous reptile bites. In Europe, St. John’s wort was used by herbalists for the topical treatment of wounds and burns. It is also a folk remedy for kidney and lung ailments as well as for depression.

Creatine may increase exercise related gains in lean body mass, though how much of these gains represents more muscle and how much is simply water retention is unclear. Most, though not all, controlled studies have shown that 20 grams per day of creatine monohydrate taken for five to six days by sedentary or moderately active people, improves performance and delays muscle fatigue during short-duration, high-intensity exercise such as sprinting or weight lifting.

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Reduces Pain and Stiffness Due to Occasional Overuse

FlexAgility™ contains EV.EXT™ 77, a clinically studied, proprietary blend of ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Greater galangal (Alpinia galanga). This unique combination gives FlexAgility the triple-action power to reduce pain and stiffness due to occasional overuse, plus protect the integrity of cartilage.

Okinawan Coral Calcium
Many healh benefits!!!!

Some of the functions of Coral Calcium: Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, pH Balancer,hair, skin, nails and much more. This calcium is ionized which is 1000 times smaller than colloidal allowing for total bioavailability. This comes in Capsules, Powders and Powder plus Multi Vitamins & Minerals.